Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery are the two first professional non-degree qualifications in medicine and surgery awarded upon graduation from post secondary many countries.Medical school graduates are entitled to use the courtesy title "Doctor" upon registration as a medical practitioner. Medical graduates are eligible to sit in postgraduate examinations, including examinations for membership and fellowship of professional institutions.

The skills required to make a career in MBBS are: 

  • Ability to work with a team
  • Deep interest in being a helping professional
  • Good stamina
  • Responsible attitude
  • Patience and compassion
  • Constant updating of skills and knowlege
  • Mental alertness at all times

We offer MBBS course in countries like Iran, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, China, Malaysia, Georgia and Ukraine.

Jobs directly related to this degree include: 

  • Junior doctors
  • Doctors
  • Physician
  • Junior Surgeons
  • Medical Professor or Lecturer
  • Researcher
  • Scientist and many more.