About Germany

Germany is a Western European country. Berlin is the capital and Frankfurt, Trier, Wurzburg and Bamberg are the known places for finance and culture.

  •   Currency: Euro which equals 80*
  •   Sessions: September & January
  •   Official language: English & German
  •   Fee Range: Bachelors - 12 lac onwards/yr (3-4 yrs) Masters - 12 lac onwards/yr (2 yr)


  •   German Education system is highly focusing on its international domain, thus the number of international students coming to study in this country is ever-rising. Almost every University in Germany has incorporated in its curricula an international study program where lectures from all around the world come to share their expertise, mainly in English language as an international language. Germany is known for its world-class technical education, and is the land of some of the best technical institution.
  •   Universities in Germany are known to excel in both infrastructure and curricula. Optimal facilities providing contemporary technology, and a diversified professional staff that contributes to compounding an enlightening curricula, ensure promising future generations of experts regardless of the discipline. Innovation, international cooperation and practice-oriented studies are considered to be the revolutionary roads to a world-class education.
  •   In comparison with other countries, Germany is a safe country. In town or in the countryside, by day or by night, you can move around freely here. Germany offers economic and political stability, which makes it an ideal place for you to study.
  •   In Germany, you can make the most of yourself. Here you can develop your intellectual abilities and personal skills freely and reach your full potential. If you are out to achieve great things, you will find determination, motivation and commitment open many doors – both during your studies and after your studies.
  •   Dual studies have proven to be very successful in the round of innovative study methods of the century. Combining studying and working simultaneously brings students to put in practice their theoretical gains at their educational institutions of the sort, be it Universities, Academies or Professional Schools, which saves time and money and gives a chance of early emancipation.
  •   Germany is a land of opportunities. Students get 18 months of work visa after the completion of their studies. Also as a student, it is easy to get a paid internship which helps in getting a job later.