About Iran

Iran is a Middle East country. Tehran is the capital and Naqsh e Jahan square, Isfahan, Shiraz, Masjid e Jamkaraan and Golestan Palace are the known places for finance and culture.

  •   Currency: Irani Riyal (INR 0.0021)
  •   Climate: 5 degree to 35 degree Celsius
  •   Official language: English & Persian
  •   Session: Jan/Feb & September/October
  •   Time difference: India is 2 hours ahead of Iran


  •   Iran’s higher education sector has undergone tremendous growth in recent years. The country has seen a rapid expansion of the private sector, and is now home of two of the ten largest universities in the world.
  •   The teaching staff in the medical and non- medical universities of Iran is world renowned and globally acclaimed professors that have the ability to turn students into professional doctors and engineers.
  •   The universities are globally recognized and stand very efficient in world rankings.
  •   Universities provide scholarships for fee reduction up to 100% and also cover other expenses like accommodation, partial meal. Wifi, insurance, language classes.
  •   US study pattern which makes easy to qualify entrances/exams.
  •   Payment can be made by flexible payment installments. For medical studies you will have to pay fee annually and for non- medical you will have to pay it half yearly.

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