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As one of the leading education consultancies in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Manchester Education Consultants strives to be the best by strictly adhering to the Company’s motto of “Building Bright Careers by Shaping Dreams”. We offer free advice to students wanting to study in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore, Ireland and Dubai.

"We look after our people right from their application till they get a professional job."



It includes the assessment of Academic Qualifications, Work Experiences, Financial Status, Career Goals and one’s life interests and aspirations.

We guide you through a maze of questions to find the solutions which best suit to your profile.We therefore ensure you choose best academic path to achieve your career goals based on your aptitude, abilities and interests.

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Standardized Tests and Getting Them Waived Off

It includes evaluation of standardized tests such as IELTS and TOEFL et al might need to be reviewed for the results you have already obtained and or if you are eligible for getting the said tests waived off after our assessment parameters in consistency to respective universities’ preconditions applicable.

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Country/University/Courses Selection

Often it becomes a tough nut to chew for the students to make a prudent selection. We assist you to shortlist the potential countries, universities and their courses that best match to your profile and interests and guide why to peruse them.

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Document Perfection

It includes the editing of your Application and Statement of Purpose besides the Letters of Recommendation and any other document to get them perfectly designed according to a particular university’s requirement criteria.

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Application Review and Submission

It includes the completion and submission of Application Forms to your final choice of universities.

We also offer thorough guidance on obtaining Educational Loans which many banks offer.Furthermore, we also provide information about the International scholarships to the students concerned.

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Interview Preparation

Guidance for preparation (including mock sessions) through our UK returned Faculty members for Interviews simplify for the students to approach chosen universities to apply for possible selection after being groomed to interact.

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Visa Counseling & Medicals

As Visa Counseling is an important process we prepare students through mock sessions for such interviews prior to your interaction with the respective High Commissions at Embassies. Our preparations are also for the collation and review of relevant documentation and submission of Visa Application forms..

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Pre-Departure Guidance

  • Provide a detailed list of items which you need to carry along
  • Orientation on what to expect at the Immigration Checks and the port of entry
  • Information sessions on Do’s & Don’ts at your abroad destination.
  • Insights into the education system and the method of completing assignments & writing reports, managing your finances and most importantly, following the rules of law in the respective countries as required from the International students at the universities.
  • Guidance to search and apply for the part-time jobs (if applicable).
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Airport Pickup*

For most of the countries, airport pickup facilities are arranged for the students ensure they reach to their destination universities without facing any hurdles.

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Support During the Studies.

We encourage students to take advantage from our Overseas Support Staff to ensure they have the best possible experience during your stay abroad.