About the Singapore

Singapore is a country in Asia. Singapore is itself its capital and Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore flyer, Night Safari and Sentosa are the known places for global finance and culture.

  •   Currency: Singapore Dollar (INR 47.21)
  •   Climate: 19 degree to 37 degree Celsius
  •   Official language: English & Malay
  •   Distance: 4583 km
  •   Time difference: Singapore is 2:30 hours ahead of India


  •   The courses at Singapore are designed to meet the high standards of international programs. Higher Diploma programs are designed to meet with the demands of future job markets. Each course is meticulously prepared to cater to the maximum learning capacity of students; each day is being fully utilized.
  •   International students who want to study in Singapore can be sure of receiving not only academic excellence, but good education as well. Most educational institutions in Singapore offer foreign students the needed support so that they feel right at home. This is one of the major reasons why the Asian continent qualifies as being a home away from home for all international students.
  •   A student pass Singapore provides few other benefits apart from allowing a student to study and stay for longer period in Singapore. It enables a student to do job or work full time during holidays/vacations and part time in working days.
  •   One of the benefits that most foreign students enjoy while studying in Singapore is that tuition fees in the Asian continent are affordable. Besides, the country’s cost of living is lower compared with other developed countries like the UK and USA. Singapore is a garden city, widely touted as “the world’s most live able-city”. Singapore has strict laws and low crime rates; a law-abiding and safe country.
  •   Singapore’s economy is rapidly growing, with an increasing trend in manpower needs. However, due to Singapore’s small population, it has difficulty in meeting these needs. This creates an ideal condition for graduating foreign students to remain in Singapore to seek further employment.