Ukrainian Universities start to issue “Invitation to Study” from January every year. We accept Applications to Study in Ukrainians Universities from month of January for September intake. We secure “Invitation to Study” for students who apply through us earlier and issue their “Invitation to Study” from chosen/ recommended Universities respectively. The Universities keep issuing the “Invitation to Study” letters from January to November. It takes between 7 working days to issue an “Invitation to Study” letter from a chosen/ recommended University. Admission procedures to Study in Ukraine start with a brainstorming process. This process will start with yourself, and later include your parents, sponsors and other major stake holders. You want to be sure that you want to study abroad. At this stage, three major factors must be thoroughly considered.

  • Finance / sponsorship
  • Satisfy necessary requirements
  • Available traveling documents

1. Although studying in Ukraine is much more affordable than other Western European countries, you need to be sure of external financing all through your study program. Do not rely on supporting yourself with job prospects for students. They are not readily available in Ukraine, at least not for now. Apart from your tuition and hostel fees, living expenditure in Ukraine is sparingly not exorbitant. While it is difficult to be precise on figures, however an average of $200 will be enough for a non extravagant student for the month. Note also that this is not definite, as it varies from one individual to another. For a conservative student, there might even be some left over.

2. Confirm with your agent, or the university to ascertain the entry requirements for the course you intend to pursue. This is very necessary, as it determines whether you are qualified to receive admission for the sought after course.

3. Confirm whether you will need a visa or not to enter the territory of Ukraine. Check to see that you have a valid international passports, with at least two years validity. You do not want to just arrive, and the first assignment is running around to renew a soon expiring passport. If you do not currently have a valid international passport, check to confirm that you have enough time to process it without affecting your travel plans.

So, be sure to be guided by these three factors in making your decision.

Next, you will have to submit a filled application form to the university, meet their in-house requirements. This may vary slightly from one university to the other depending on the course, study language and other factors. Check the section on requirements to study in Ukraine, for general requirements. The university will assess your documents, and if acceptable, will issue an admission proposal and the fees structure letter to the student. On acceptance, you may be required to confirm your interest by paying your tuition fees. Thereafter, the university sends out an official admission / invitation letter to the student. This confirms that the student have been granted admission in the university, for the course indicated in the admission letter. It is supported with a confirmation letter, sent to the Ukrainian consulate in your country.

Migration card must be filled in by student on arrival to Ukraine and kept saved during stay in Ukraine. The student must produce it to Immigration Authorities when returning home or travelling out of the country.