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Why Studying In Canada

Canada is a country blessed with unimaginable physical beauty. The Canadians are proud of their land and respect their natural environment. Stress is given on maintaining the incredible surroundings. Students coming to study here will not be disappointed with the beauty that surrounds them.

Geographically though, Canada is diverse. It is endowed with mountains such as the famous Rockies, the largest coastline on earth, the Great Lakes and several natural forests that have been developed into National Parks. Canada’s cities are safe, modern, of a cosmopolitan culture and are unbelievable close to their natural habitat. Almost 25% of the world’s fresh water is in Canada.

There are 4 seasons; they being more distinct in the regions close to the US border. Temperatures vary from as low as -deg C in winters to as high as 35 deg C at the height of summer. Spring and fall are more moderate.

Culturally too, Canada is a vibrant country. There is much to see and do in the form of public festivals and events that are held by the local government as well as the local communities.

World-class theater, music, restaurants, cultural and sporting events (including cricket) can be enjoyed here year-round. Being a bilingual country where the English and French languages are equally used, Canada has a uniqueness all its own.

Canada was ranked for nine consecutive years by the United Nations to be among the top 3 countries in the world in which to live and study out of 174 countries. Also, the Human Development Index survey consistently ranked Canada number one for a variety of reasons including its excellent education systems, high quality health care, low incidence of crime and clean environment.